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With the receipt of the distribution of VICARD BARRELS itself KorkenSchiesser has added another prestigious product in its portfolio. The company VICARD is managed by the second generation of the sons of Jean Vicard, Jean-Charles and Jean-Louis Vicard. The Cooperage was founded in 1925 in the town of Cognac in France.

Since that time VICARD has grown steadily through getting new investment and ideas and now produces about 40,000 barrels per year. 70% of these barrels are exported to Italy, Spain, the USA and the southern hemisphere.

Covering an area of ​​14 ha, 6 ha alone is intended for timber storage, VICARD has one of the most modern equipped Fassbinder land in the world.


















Take care:  The most expensive barrel must not be the best barrel for your wine!

For further information's or questions please kindle contact us:
Backoffice:   Mr. Mag. Michael Metz    Phone: +43 /1/545 16 53 - 71
Or you can contact our salesteam in your country! 
Visit the cooperage VICARD in the internet
Film about Tonnellerie Vicard -> youtube
Brochures (German) -> download
Data sheet: ->  download
Barrique Fass

A 36-month storage of all wooden staves before processing starts (used to stabilize the wood and leaves poor tannin's escape)

A computer-controlled, continuous toasting (without a burning of the wood inside - PATENTED)


A special treatment for all wooden staves, so that no water bubbles can form in the wood (which might lead to rot in barrel)


Create a free custom lettering by laser printing (also each barrel possible)



For each wine to have the right barrel - For 70 cask types are available

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