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What is quality?

Korken Schiesser Ges.m.b.H. defines the term quality with the sum of all demands from customers, the relevant laws and standards as well as our part for our products and our service. Ensures the quality system, the products and the service in accordance with these requirements reach our customers and thus satisfy. In this way Korken Schiesser GmbH offers the highest technically feasible and verifiable level of product safety.

What are the requirements placed on the products?

The main attention on the part of the winery and bottling is primarily on the optical quality, good application properties and perfect performance of seals in the bottle. Logistical aspects and flexibility in order processing are also important parameters.

In addition, divers laws, such as the Food Hygiene Regulations, the plastics Regulation, a number of EU directives, including certain minimum conditions and handling principles ago.

For the definition of the technical quality corks serve Schiesser GmbH Geisenheim guidelines in 1996, ISO / DIS 9727ff, as well as some advanced standards such as the Austrian standard A5020 (standard bottles) and ISO 3951 (variables sampling plans).

Finally, the regulations are on the part of retail chains, such as HACCP, and in-house, as SOPs and process management to mention.

The sum of these parameters are summarized in a list of requirements for incoming and outgoing inspection and form the basis for GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


How does the quality assurance at Korken Schiesser works?

Quality control begins with our suppliers, all belonging to the Amorim organization. A first selection is made as early as the cork oak forest, not only on the visual quality, but also in terms of the way the management of the forest, peeling and storage of the pieces of bark. 

The bark pieces are immediately transported to the factories of the Amorim Group, where for the first time chemical analysis and physical checks on their further use to decide.Both the machinery and the production at Amorim meet our needs, since all steps in the storage, production and washing a permanent laboratory control subject and documented. 

All corks are prepared and treated in accordance with the European research program "QUERCUS-CODEX". The question Amorim structures in Portugal are ISO 9001: 2000 certified and work on food standards. The corks are only sent with goods issue certificate, which also specifies the content of TCA. Our purchasing department convinced several times a year on location in Portugal and Spain by the proper procedures, standards of cleanliness and of course the Korksortierungen. This ensures that the delivered goods to Austria are top qualities - even by international standards.

What happens in Vienna?

After receipt of the above checked goods in Vienna, our laboratory will certainly dedicate itself to the incoming goods inspection with modern equipment. The goods are only available for the finishing process after they have been approved by the laboratory. Throughout the production phase, further samples are taken at defined critical points and laboratory tests are conducted. An electronic system enables IT Recording of all logistics and production stages, whereby the traceability of the cork oak tree is guaranteed to the customer.

Before delivery, the goods will last a laboratory analysis. When goods receipt and upon delivery to the customer retention samples will be retained. Thus, the final product is ready repeatedly tested for a variety of chemical and physical parameters - the highest level of product safety is thus provided.

The responsibilities of the quality assurance constantly heard the storage and production conditions with regard to conditions (humidity and temperature), microbiological cleanliness, absence of TCA and cleanliness of equipment and vehicles to check up to the truck. An ongoing evaluation of potential dangers of the product, employees, end consumers and the environment complete the activity.

All these measures will enable Korken Schiesser GmbH to offer a final product to the highest quality standards with maximum product safety in all aspects.



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