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It was a Caritas childcare transfer to Portugal in 1948 that was to decide the future and career of my father, Gerhard Schiesser. Not only was he allowed to partake in the long-awaited holiday release from war-torn Austria, but he was also to make close contact with the cork producing industrialist AMORIM family. After four years of fruitful work and training (1963-1967) at the cork manufacturing plants of the AMORIMS, he was offered the unique opportunity to establish the GERHARD SCHIESSER GES.M.B.H. as a cork wholesale trader in Austria in 1967along with his Portuguese partner.

For 25 years the GERHARD SCHIESSER GES.M.B.H. was the main supplier to a number of well-known cork wholesalers across Austria as well as in Eastern Europe thus opening up for the Portuguese partners, whose products had been boycotted by the East, a golden gateway to new key markets and countries.

Having established itself as the world’s undisputed leader in the cork business, AMORIM adapted its sales strategy in the early 90s and began to pursue an approach that encouraged direct “manufacturer-to-consumer” sales. In 1992 , a total investment of about €500,000.00 was made by the KORKEN SCHIESSER GES.M.B.H. to build a then modern cork processing plant in Vienna. The AMORIM slogan of “quality has a name” was the reason that a laboratory equipped with the latest in technology was eventually established within the Vienna facility.

In 1996, the two companies, GERHARD SCHIESSER GES.M.B.H. (which had been set up to act as a holding company up to that time) and KORKEN SCHIESSER GES.M.B.H ., agreed to merge retaining, however, its colourful name as it had by then already become commonly known and a household name in the wine business.

In 2004, my father chose to take his well-deserved retirement and made me his successor as managing director of the company in the same year. The unflagging support and contribution to this company provided by my uncle and, above all, my cousin will definitely ensure that the name of “Schiesser” shall be successful in holding its strong position well into the next generation of cork production.

Our HACCP-certification in 2004 is to prove our genuine commitment to quality and customer service. To achieve this goal we offer our customers products that are reliable and of the highest possible quality – not least because they have been processed in accordance with the most advanced standards and technologies. And we are proud to celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2007 with a new presentation of our corporate identity while leading the way to a new era as supplier of seals and closures.

With the acquisition of the company Llosent & Forschner - Cork GmbH in 2008 and the subsequent merger withKorken Schiesser Ges.m.b.H. we were able to take the one hand, strong brand Llosent on board and on the other hand claim the market leadership in the Austrian cork industry or expand.

The years 2009 and 2010 were with us, due to the global economic crisis, in the sign of cost optimization, from were we emerged motivated in 2011 with a special focus on customer orientation.

In 2017 we celebrated our 50th anniversary with our clients and friends.

It has always been my ambition to run this company on a dynamic and sound basis, which includes customer service and making an effort to deliver closures of the highest possible quality at reasonable prices. For all that I am particularly grateful to my father, who laid all the groundwork.

Günther Henrique Schiesser

(General Manager)​

-> History about Gerhard Schießer and his life with Amorim

The history of Amorim


The Amorim Group is one of the largest, most entrepreneurial and dynamic multinationals of Portuguese origin. Its origins were in the cork business, back in 1870 and today it is the world leader in the sector.

Guided by a vision of sustained growth, the Group has engaged in the diversification of its business in sectors and geographical areas with high growth potential. In the 1960s, the process to vertically integrate the cork business and internationalise activities began.

Maintaining the family hallmark, the Amorim Group currently boasts a consolidated position in dozens of companies throughout the five continents and in a wide range of economic areas. From cork, through Corticeira Amorim, to wine production and wine tourism.

In this regard, the passion for regional products from the Douro must be highlighted, which is reflected in the refurbishment and operation of Quinta de Nossa Senhora do Carmo. Here, the Group developed a completely integrated and innovative project, which embraces the production of quality natural products, such as Port Wine and table wines, olive oil as well as traditional gourmet products. Since 2005, this project has taken on a new dimension, with the opening of the Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo Rural Hotel, the first wine hotel in Portugal, which has received numerous awards to date.

Always with the mission to respect the principles of economic, social and environmental development, the Amorim Group continues to be founded on the same principles on which it built its empire - entrepreneurial vision, responsibility, diligence, creativity and innovation. As well as in the mission to distinguish itself for its excellence, both in terms of management and products and services. A desire that is contagious and fuels the enthusiasm of the youngest generation - the fourth - involved in the family business.

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