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The cooling unit with thermal effect

The easy-Cooler® has been around since 2004 and has developed from the idea of ​​simplicity. It works without electricity! Technical problems are therefore excluded. easy-Cooler® is a specially developed presentations for wine cooling unit with thermal effect! Especially popular is easy Cooler® vintners for red or white wine tasting event Cooler than at trade fairs. Perfect drinking temperature, visibility for increased sales and uncomplicated handling are the advantages of easy-Cooler®. It works without refrigeration unit and is therefore extremely space saving.

easy-Cooler® is made of quality materials. We do not deliberately not high-priced stainless steel components, as these are extremely important for the cooling capacity and the thermal effect.

Features & Benefits:

  • the solution for ideal drinking temperature for the glass have wine bar

  • brings basement or closet air temperature to the guest's table

  • keeps the drinking temperature up to 12 hours

  • perfect P.O.S (point of sale)

  • maintenance free - no technology

  • ideal for trade shows, presentations and tastings

  • ideal for use at events, catering and events

  • easy-Cooler® is also perfectly suited for white wine tastings

  • spared holding wine labels from moisture

  • much cheaper than a comparable electric appliance

  • the housing is easily and quickly cleaned

  • available in various versions (for 3, 5, 6 or 10 bottles)

Available in our Webshop!

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