Amorim reveals breakthrough technologies

to eradicate detectable TCA

Employed in the treatment of natural corks and micro-agglomerated stoppers, respectively,
Naturity® and Xpür® deliver non-detectable TCA performance across different wine price points.

Research for the patent-pending Naturity® technology began in 2016 with the

NOVA School of Science and Technology, and is based on the principles of

thermal desorption through a proprietary, non-sequential use of pressure,

temperature, purified water and time. No artificial elements are used in the process.

Xpür® improves upon the conventional supercritical CO2 application developed several decades ago,

reengineering and upgrading the concept with 21st-century technology.

Amorim’s new, innovative take on the system uses only 25% of the energy and

just 10% of the CO2 previously required.

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