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Cork granules -
The lightness of beeing

90% of the corl cell consists an air-like gas mixture (without CO2), surrounded by thick cell walls of resins and wood materials. With over 40 million cells and a specific gravity (density) from 0.045 grams per cubic centimeter, cork is unique in nature.

Granulated cork, grounded naturalcork, are available from microscopic finest corkdust, up to large centimeter pieces of cork. Wherever weight reduction, resilience and insulation is important,  the cork is often the best and sometimes the only solution.

Application examples: 

  • NEW - natural cork granules for artifical football fields without rubber granules

  • Bulk material for blind floor constructions for thermal insulation

  • Filling material for stand (hollow -) - walls for heat and sound insulation

  • Starting material for fittings such as shoe soles, handles, ...

  • Co material for composite materials in the plastics industry

  • Co material for composite structures in the construction industry

  • Spray material for insulation

We can offer you following standard program of granules:


Granulated orchis

Granulated natural cork (0,02 mm - 25,00 mm)

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