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Industrial Applications
customized solutions

It's hard to say what is more important for the cork industry, the ecological aspect to use a renewable resource, or the almost indestructible properties - it depends on the user industry.

In the footwear industry and healthcare cork enjoys about its natural product increasing popularity.

In austronautics,packaging industry and the plastics industry, the unique combination of physical properties is paramount.

In the interior decoration and in the building materials industry probably both.

For offices, schools, kindergartens and hospitals we use cork sheets and rolls for the production of large-sized pin boards.

For each of these industries,  from motor seal to the ski stock grip, Amorim has contributed interesting and professional solutions to the decades of know-how about cork . This knowledge Amorim any time for future developments.

Application examples:

  • Sealing material for motors, generators, exhaust systems, etc.

  • Starting material for fittings such as shoe soles, handles, ...

  • Window and door designs in the wood industry

  • large-sized pin boards

  • Co material for composite materials in the plastics industry

  • Co material for composite structures in the construction industry

  • Sandwich constructions for sound reduction

  • expansion joint filling (roads and bridges, etc.)

  • Shipbuilding

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