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Cork composites


Technological progress is marked today and is limited by the performance of the available materials. The potential range of applications monolithic materials is mostly unsurpassed in the composites. In these composites, a brilliant natural product are used  -> CORK!

Amorim Cork Composites (ACC) has a number of products for use as the core material. In order to improve the properties of the composite material, save energy, the production time is reduced and they can reduce costs.

ACC material is used in many areas such as application Aerospace, marine, rail & automotive, sporting goods, etc.


  • high curing temperature possible (> 120 ° C)

  • low adhesive-absorption

  • excellent adhesion

  • adaptable to complex shapes

  • works on nearly any sandwich structures

  • good tensile and compressive stress

  • good shear force values

  • good dimensional stability

  • good mechanical properties

  • retains the characteristic lifetime of the composite material

  • good elongation and energy absorption

  • excellent sound, heat and vibration insulation

  • large range of deliverable strengths

  • Reduce the construction weight

  • ecological natural product with food-grade, no toxicity

  • easy integration into your production

  • simple, clean and safe to handle

  • Reducing the CO2 balance of the total product

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