We can learn a lot about nature, and cork shows us how nature protect life and growth.

Humans take advantage of this qualities and use cork-products in many sectors, from astronautics to health care.

Cork's cellstructure is the basis for the noise- and thermoinsulation from the agglomerated cork-sheets and rolls. The great ability to insulate the noise and save water - and this without exhaustion and at the same time to preserve for a healthy environment , convince the people.

Examples for using technical cork: 

  • reduction from ambience

  • reduction from impact noise

  • prevent sound bridges (for example: estrich/Wall)

  • thermoinsulation for the floor, wall and sailing

  • reduction from vibration and vibrancy, technical insulation

  • large sized pin-boards

Agglomerated cork sheets

Agglomerated cork rolls

Cork rubber rolles

Insulation cork


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