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Radiation protection -
helps your health

If you are stressed, tired or can not concentrate properly? Nowadays, many people can feel earth radiation during times of stress and fatigue and how it can affect our body itself. It is also known that the earthradiation affects the balance of hormones, cells and the immune system. Bring your life back into balance, give yourself a health boost and protect against harmful and unhealthy earth radiation with the KORKDÄMMPLATTE BX15R.

People with special abilities, who are receiving radiation, can locate earth radiation, water veins and their electromagnetic fields section (vortex). Many people are feeling these fault zones and want to protect themself, but it is very difficult.

The specialists for these phenomena, the diviners and geobiologists have found in search of protection mechanisms that cork (Naturpresskorkplatten) forms a protective shield over a longer period by absorption or reflection of the fault zones.

Application examples: 

  • Reduction of exposure by earth radiation

  • Reduction of contamination by water veins

  • Reduction of loads at points of intersection


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